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Japan 2018 : French with Alicia

Japan 2018 : French with Alicia

After 8 weeks of dedication, time and research, Alicia Hussein (France) left India with a carefully curated  French language curriculum, ready to be implemented in Japan. I had overheard Alicia mentioning something about teaching French months ago in Botswana. As a very mediocre French speaker desperate to improve, this was music to my ears, and I’d been anticipating the first lesson ever since.

Now, almost six months later, in Japan, Alicia teaches two French classes, a beginner level class and an advanced. Her French students have two classes weekly, meaning that Alicia teaches for four hours per week, and a total of 28 hours in Japan! Weekly challenges, debunking french idioms, memory games, French media, books, movies and interactive conversations are all elements of her lesson plans that she has thoughtfully planned out with the help of extensive research and outside expertise.

Not only is she helping ten students to learn a new language, but she is also working hard to master the art of teaching. Some comments from her students include:

Alicia’s French class is fun, dynamic and effective!! She is an amazing teacher
— Paula M, Mexico
Alicia is an amazing teacher. It was never boring and really engaging. Cheers for Alicia
— Soeun K, South Korea
I get a glimpse of French culture, and feel very comfortable when conversing in the language. Alicia’s a wonderful teacher, and I’m more than excited to be a student of her project!!
— Ina B, Kosovo
French has always been something that I wanted to do but also dreaded, because I found it so difficult. And yes, it is still difficult, but with our small group of 3 we only speak French and I can truly say I have gotten a lot more confident in the last couple of weeks.
— Ella O, The Netherlands

In class, Alicia strikes a perfect balance between teaching grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension with speaking, conversing and application of knowledge. The advanced class is taught 95% in french and the students learn through reading novels, articles, watching videos, inferring with given texts and listening to podcasts. The beginner class lays the foundations of the language allowing the students to introduce themselves, learn common phrases and become familiar with basic verbs and conjugations.  Along with the language itself, Alicia also weaves in elements of french culture and history into each lesson, allowing us to relate, understand and draw more connections to the content we’re learning.

Along with teaching and planning Alicia has also been hard at work beginning the mastery process for  this project. In week 5 Alicia proposed this project for Mastery courageously in front of the whole school, setting the standard sky high for our own proposals and acting as an example for us all.

Over the upcoming break her students will be given homework and readings to ensure no progress is lost and that we’ll all be motivated and ready for  French class to commence again in Greece!

While this is Alicia’s ‘personal’ project and she is on her own individual journey, it really is a project for the community. We deeply value culture, diversity and language here at TGS and through Alicia’s project she is positively and effectively sharing her knowledge from her  world, to ours, allowing each of her students to become a little bit more global with every lesson taught. Merci beaucoup, Alicia!

By L.W Edwards

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