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Oman 2018: Max's Drama

Oman 2018: Max's Drama

Maxim Sindall has been creating a drama program for cohort one since he arrived at TGS. Three weeks into the first term in Botswana, he had already arranged a meeting with interested students. A year later, Max has finished planning the course and is leading his fellow students in the ways of theatre.

Max has been interested in drama since grade school, performing in numerous plays. Max has gained experience in acting and is now using his skills to teach other students. Throughout the term in China, Max planned out a drama curriculum drawing from his pre-existing knowledge and supplemental research.

“My motivation is to let people have fun while learning about meaningful content. I initially got into drama in elementary school. The first few years were daunting, but as I continued acting, I became more confident. I started doing theatrical performances in my old high school, and I want to bring my passion for drama to TGS” - Maxim Sindall

“An engaging and uplifting experience, a balanced mix of fun and seriousness.”

- Julia Gu.

“It was energising and refreshing for someone who has missed drama since coming to TGS.”

- Cullen S.

“I always prefer watching dramas than acting them because I don’t think I have the potential, but Max and his talented lesson have completely flipped my perception”

- Kien N.

Max has created an interactive, involved program that both teaches the theory of drama, and gives students an opportunity to apply and practice the newly developed skills. The course consists of a series of different parts. Getting students comfortable and knowledgeable of the stage and their placing on it, developing physical presence, collaborating with fellow actors, creating audience-performer chemistry, improving on delivery methods, and much more.

In the first lesson, Max presented a powerpoint giving the students information on different parts of the stage, then had students play tic tac toe, saying the part of the stage that corresponded to where they were standing. Later in the lesson, Max explained the idea of freeze frames. Everyone freezes in a position, the participants attempting to create a story from their frozen bodies. Max gave multiple prompts, giving students opportunities to reflect and improve.

By the end of the course, Max hopes that his students will be ready to perform a monologue at the showcase to apply their newfound speaking skills and knowledge of the stage. Max will continue his drama course, in the following terms, and continue working towards Mastery in theatre.

China 2018: Lily-Wai's Music

China 2018: Lily-Wai's Music