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In One Word by Ryleigh Iverson

In One Word by Ryleigh Iverson


Of lasting families

Created 15 years in

Not yet understanding

But almost forgetting

Who we were becoming

And what was upcoming

Yet so far ahead


Loud as airplane engines

Nearly out roaring the suspension

Of this new direction

That I came into with no intention

Of out running time

But it seems I did

Because in no time these beginnings



Not as silent as deadly

Slowly slipping into our minds

As one would slowly slip into

A onzie

After 30+ hours of flight

At 3 am

With a lesser known friend

Who would quickly become a godsend

That could with one touch mend

All of these split ends

That were really just unknown



Constant and unwavering

In forms of awakening colors

Screaming personalities

And car horns

As complex as finding infinity

In a photograph

And the noise still has not


But not far traveling

Because within the same continent


As quiet as the aftermath

Of an atomic bomb

The storm before the calm

The calm because of the nothingness

Left behind in the silence


Kept for 70 years

The noise absorbed by the history

Of all the damn electricity

In the only silent big city

I have seen

I never knew my love could be so loud

for a place so quite silent

Silence broken by the

Alarm clock

Sending shock waves through my body

Resulting in the colonoscopy

That our dear humanity

Has been dying for

For our vanity

Has taken control of our sanity

Resulting in the inhumanity

Of our now second nature ability

To laugh at the fatalities

We are all but blind to

Alarm clocks

Now do not seem so alarming

Scuba with Cullen Sander

Scuba with Cullen Sander

Fight Sunday by Ava Ploeckelman

Fight Sunday by Ava Ploeckelman