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Your Chameleons

The Chameleon is a platform for expression of ideas, thoughts and opinions for the entire TGS community. We want to allow for the students to share our experiences, but also convey our beliefs and explore events or issues outside of our community bubble. As the founders of The Chameleon, we were thrilled for the first edition to be hosted in Hiroshima, Japan. We strive for our content to represent the student body, starting with 17 contributors. Explore Think Global School through the scope of our students. The Chameleon - our changing moments.



Hi, I’m Ella Oudhof, the Editor in Chief for the Chameleon.

I have led the Chameleon for a year now, and I remember that I started this to embody the community as I wanted to become a part with them. In addition to this, I love everything that is to do with the Chameleon, from the name to every submission. I enjoy looking through them every time every edition is published.

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Hello, it’s me. Harry Yan, Head of Graphics for the Chameleon.

During the time I have been on the chameleon, I have contributed towards many editions in terms of graphics, and I thoroughly enjoy doing this, as I get to view what people have been up to and assist in publishing the edition too. I love food and anime , and in my free time, I play the piano and the violin.


Hi, I’m Ava, Head of Copy Editing for the Chameleon.

I want to do the newsletter because I love watching how a piece develops through editing. My hobbies are writing, crocheting, and baking


Hi, I’m Paula, Assistant to the Editor in Chief.

I like doing the newsletter because it’s a way of sharing our community and experience with the outside world. It’s fun to do an it gives me the opportunity to try writing, photography and look into the logistics behind the scenes. I love the ocean and swimming, I like to spend time with my friends and outdoors, take care of the environment and explore things that are different to what I know.


Hey, I’m Mak, part of the Graphics Team.

I am in the newsletter team because I enjoy doing graphics design. In my free time, I like to listen to music and follow IT news.


Hello, my name is Justin, and I’m the Head of Column Host Country

I see the newsletter as a way to celebrate our school and to give opportunities to students to hone their writing abilities. I loves literature, both reading and writing. I practice parkour, otherwise known as urban gymnastics, and is currently working on an app to help the TGS community.


Hello, my name is Lily-Wai, and I’m the Head of Column The Arts

I love the newsletter as I would one day love to write for a living and I think the newsletter allows me to have so much creative freedom to explore that and try out new and different aspects of journalism. I think it’s important that the school has an outlet for students to express themselves while also informing others of the wonderful things we get up to, and I love being a part of making that possible. My hobbies include: songwriting, hiking and dancing.


Hey, I’m Kien, the Social Media Marketer.

I love being in the Chameleon because I want to be able to improve my collaboration and communication skills. My hobbies are dancing to music, studying environmental science


I’m Maxim Sindall, Head of the Current Events Column.

I chose the Chameleon because it is an honor to raise awareness of the different voices that we all come from, while we are traveling.

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My name is Shamsia Daryabi, Photographer for the Chameleon.

I joined the Chameleon because it allows me to pursue my passion which is taking pictures, and capturing the moment integral to the individual.